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Skin-issues: Sebhorreic Dermatitis

First of all: what is it?

Sebhorreic Dermatitis (let's call it Sebbie, for short) is essentially, an over production in skill cells. Sebbie typically affects areas with more hair follicles: ears, eyebrows, around the mouth, and clearly..the scalp.

When there is an increase in a particular bacteria / yeast - skin cells react, and begin to duplicate. Like a scaly yeast infection.

At the same time, dehydration can cause a reaction.

Sebhorreic Dermatitis is identified by the large scaly patches/flakes, red and inflamed area, discoloration/light spots, and extreme dryness.

Unlike regular Eczema, Sebbie might worsen with the use of thick moisturizers such as shea butter. To combat Sebbie, you must maintain a moisturized environment without clogging the pores and reducing bacteria.

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